2019 NZ BREEDERS STAKES GROUP 1 Heats – 7 June Hatrick

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Bigtime Rocco rocketed into contention with the best overall time of the 5 heats for the 2019 NZ Breeders Stakes at Hatrick on Friday night.His win in the fourth heat was built on top of a strong opening sectional of 4.98, the best of the heats.  His middle section of 13.58 was second equal best of the heats.  In combination, it set him up for the fastest individual time by 6 lengths.

The two best closing sectionals were run by Opawa Hilary and Opawa June, neither of whom finished in 1st or 2nd place.

Bigtime Rod had the third best closing sectional and he came home strongly from fourth in 11.60 to claim his heat win.

1Bigtime Rocco[2]111114.9813.5811.7130.27
2Trojan Hoarse[8]111125.0013.6711.8830.55
4Go Glow[1]665545.0014.0611.6730.73
1Bigtime Brody[4]111115.0213.6511.9030.57
2Bigtime Kiss[1]222225.0513.6711.9830.70
5Billy's Churn[6]333355.0713.8612.0731.00
4All Black Star[6]211145.0813.5212.2630.86
3Bigtime Shadow[3]123435.0913.8911.7830.76
8Fare Dodger[3]147885.0914.1412.2231.45
1Idol Dude[2]222215.1013.6811.7530.53
3Opawa June[3]444435.1214.0011.5830.70
7Sub Eighteen[8]555675.1214.0012.1331.25
1All About Space[8]232215.1313.9111.7730.81
6Bigtime Tank[4]455665.1313.9411.8830.95
1Bigtime Rod[1]344315.1313.7911.6030.52
2Thrilling Vice[5]532225.1313.7011.8830.71
3Thrilling Carly[4]344435.1413.8211.7130.67
6Cheese And Chalk[3]234465.1413.8711.8630.87
6Bigtime Jetty[7]456665.1813.9411.8730.99
7Know Shame[8]367875.1913.9811.8331.00
5Opawa Viking[6]511145.1913.6712.0930.95
5True Testament[3]533355.1913.7511.8030.74
2Thrilling Talk[7]522225.2113.5811.8930.68
3Cossie Cooper[4]323335.2113.8411.8730.92
5Opawa Magic[2]666555.2213.8711.7930.88
6Bigtime Alfie[5]654465.2213.9511.7930.96
3Our Tyson[2]443335.2213.7711.7130.70
7M'Lady Sadie[7]788775.2214.1711.8431.23
6Know Threat[7]656665.2313.9111.9331.07
4Bigtime Lilah[5]655545.2413.8511.7230.81
2Go Brat[1]465525.2413.9611.7130.91
5Mr. Matt[1]776655.2613.9111.6630.83
4Know Refusal[2]876645.2913.9711.6930.95
8Our Hemi[6]888785.2913.9811.7731.04
7Know Betrayal[6]777775.3013.9411.8131.05
4Opawa Hilary[5]777745.3013.9911.5430.83
8No Kissy Missy[7]777785.3513.8811.9131.14
7Know Denying[8]888875.4613.8611.7531.07
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