Update For Subscribers – Free Sub Extended

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First, thanks for your support so far.

I have extended the FREE subscription one last time until the end of this month (30 September 2019).

I still have received no direct support (financial or otherwise) from GRNZ although I am pleased to say Glenda Hughes has responded to my latest attempt to start a discussion.

That said, I’m not convinced there will be any financial support provided so I will set up the site to be subscription only starting from 1 October.  All those who have signed up for the FREE subscription will be given a significant discount.

As I’ve made clear, we believe that this is information that should be provided to punters, trainers, and owners full and free.  This is of course what happens in Australia and for the other codes in NZ.

However, it has taken a major investment of time and effort to get this far and I simply need to generate revenue or the service will stop.

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

David Archibald

021 794 120

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