It has been and continues to be the most challenging of times.

Changes are inevitable in every area of life and racing will be far from immune from the change.

And in a small way, the changes on this site reflect the need for change.

We have been passionate about the need for sectionals for greyhound racing in NZ.  It is a huge gap and was a real opportunity for the industry to both provide information for punters and encourage greater turnover.  The industry body simply did not see the same priorities and put their efforts into other activities.

While that is understandable, the almost complete lack of interest and failure to even engage in discussion was most disappointing.  With the changes facing the industry, it’s hard to see any change with the greyhound stakeholders.

We had amazing support from some industry participants, particularly Roso, Andy McCook and Pip.  Thanks team.  A couple of clubs were also enthusiastic supporters and we particularly acknowledge the PNGRC for their ongoing support.  Sectionals of all races at Manawatu will be available at the club’s website.

Our focus will now move to sectionals for NZ racing and harness.  We expect that their will be a greater level of support and interest.  Longer term we hope that some day, the industry bodies will put their support behind sectionals for the greyhounds as well.

The other change, and perhaps the most significant one, is that Neil Davis (“Formpro”) will be bringing his expertise on sectional timings to this site.

We look forward to providing updates closer to the resumption of racing for harness and gallops.

David Archibald