We all love a racing story with a happy ending.

The sectionals give us an advantage over other punters and analysts who are generally working off form rather than performance.  On the other hand, the sectionals show actual performance and, allowing for how the track is running, allow us to compare past performances over the opening and closing sectional distances.

At Addington on Monday 19 October, the market had two standout runners in race 9 – Dublin Express (closed at $2.25FF) and Know Keeper ($2FF).  Opawa Nigel went around on the fourth line at $12FF and $11.10 on the tote).

The opening sectionals (see first image below) showed that Opawa Nigel likely had the early speed to cross and lead from box 8 – and that was exactly what happened.

While not as dominant, the closing sectionals showed that Nigel was in the mix at worst.

As the race panned out, the sectionals were spot on.  Nigel got to the lead easily enough and was strong enough to repel the two favourites with Dublin Express missing the placings.