There are plenyt of racing sites providing punters with a wide range of information.

So why another site?

The singular focus of this site is sectionals. Sectionals are the times each runner takes to go from point a to point b – for example, in greyhound racing from the boxes to the first marker (generally called the “opening sectional”) or for thoroughbred racing the time it takes for each runner to run from the last 600 marker to the finish post.

Keep in mind for closing sectionals, the fastest closing sectional isn’t necessarily the winner.  A horse (or dog) who is a back marker gives front runners a head start.  So a runner could run the fastest closing sectional but still lose.

And that’s perhaps a good example of the value of sectionals.

Our initial focus is on greyhound racing. We currently have opening and closing sectionals for Addington, Hatrick, Manukau and Palmerston North.

We will soon be displaying all sectionals for NZ thoroughbreds.

If you’re interested in finding out more, give me a call on 021 794 120.

David Archibald

Formpro Sectionals