Using the Sectionals

If you haven't used the sectionals before as part of analysing greyhound racing form, it's most likely worthwhile having a look at the video below.

David has prepared this video to explain how to use the sectionals on the PN Greyhounds site but the same principles apply.

Greyhound Sectionals

Formpro Sectionals provides all individual sections for the Palmerston North greyhounds.

You can also view the sectionals, speed maps, track records and other information on the PNGRC's website:

We would love to provide sectionals for all greyhound races in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, the key industry decision makers have shown no interest in providing owners, trainers and punters with this vital information.

Longer term, it has to happen but it's clear that the decision makers simply don't understand the importance of sectional times to greyhound racing.